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Nano V3 Ethernet Shield - ENC28J60

Minimal Kit with Arduino Uno R3 - KIT 2

Uno R3 Minimal KIT compatible for Arduino Uno R3 KIT projects, with breadboard and jumper wires, USB cable

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Minimal KIT compatible for Arduino Uno R3 projects beginners and makers.

The Starter KIT contains:

1x Uno R3 (ATmega328) with additional Analog in A6, A7

1x Breadboard (8.3x5.5cm) Self-Adhesive

1x MicroUSB cable (50cm)

10x Dupont Jumper wire Male to Male 4"(100mm)

5x Dupont Jumper wire Male to Male 8" (200mm)

5x Dupont Jumper wire Male to Male 12"(300mm)

Uno R3 Minimal KIT compatible for Arduino

Uno R3 ATmega328:

More analog pins. Add A6, A7.

Uno R3 CH340G/ATmega328 - compatible with Arduino Uno R3 board. Built on the Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller and USB-UART interface chip CH340G.
Board for functionality similar to the Arduino Uno (ATmega 28). It is a budget, but the same stable, and uses the original chips Atmel ATmega328 (16 MHz).
The board used the chip CH340G as converter UART-USB. Chip CH340G - is a budget solution. When you work in the frequency 12Mhz, giving a stable result of data exchange (need install drivers to computer).
Uno R3 CH340G/ATmega328 - connects to the computer via microUSB cable (used for almost all Android smartphones).

You can supply power to board through the MicroUSB connector or DC-jack. The voltage regulator (LDO) can deal with incoming voltage from 6V to 12V DC. Output current for 5V - about 800mA, for 3.3V - about 180mA (Please note that the higher the input voltage the lower the outgoing current). That will provide a reliable power most of your initial projects.

Uno R3 ATmega328


Self-Adhesive solderless Breadboards
Size: 8.3x5.5x0.85cm

Color: White

Self-Adhesive solderless Breadboards White

Micro USB Data 2.0 cable:

This is standard Micro USB cable, for USB Data 2.0. Perfect for connecting this KIT to your PC.

Micro USB Data 2.0 cable


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