The official launch of the new Hyundai Tuscan SUV is announced

Hyundai has introduced its latest SUV model for the UK, the all-new Hyundai Tuscan, which is set to be available for purchase in the UK starting from May next year. The vehicle comes with a variety of enhancements and design changes compared to its predecessor.

The new Tuscan features an updated grille and bumper, as well as new skid plates and a fresh selection of alloy wheels. More information about the latest generation of the Tuscan can be found below.

The new Tucson maintains the essence of the current model’s “Parametric Dynamics” design language, while also evolving with a more refined and powerful aesthetic. The front of the vehicle showcases a bold interplay of sleek, angled lines in the radiator grille, accompanied by concealed “Parametric Jewel” daytime running lights (DRLs).

The bumper and skid plates seamlessly extend from side to side, creating a dynamic and visually wider stance. Redesigned alloy wheels further emphasize the car’s dynamism and enhance its overall proportions. At the rear, the skid plates are integrated into the bumper molding and expanded horizontally, giving the impression of a wider wheelbase. The sleek and sturdy form of the rear end seamlessly mirrors the front, conveying a sense of stability and balance.

Hyundai Tuscan

The interior of the new Tucson focuses on providing spaciousness and practicality, achieved through a horizontal design that creates a sense of openness. Advanced technology elements are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a harmonious balance of functionality and aesthetics.

For more detailed information about the new Hyundai Tuscan, visit the Hyundai website at the provided link. The vehicle is set to launch in the UK and Europe in 2024, with pricing details yet to be announced.

Source Hyundai