Soundmit, the leading exhibition for electronic music technology, set to take place on November 11-12, 2023.

The international trade show Soundmit, which focuses on synthesizers, electronic musical instruments, and related software and hardware, will take place next month. It will feature a wide range of exhibitors, from major companies to independent builders, showcasing their latest products. Soundmit offers music enthusiasts the opportunity to try out new gear, attend workshops, and interact with industry professionals. Whether you are a musician, producer, sound designer, or enthusiast interested in electronic music and sound technologies, make sure to attend Soundmit 2023 in Italy. For more information, visit the official website.

If you have a deep interest in electronic music technology, you’ll be delighted to know that Soundmit 2023 is taking place in Italy. This premier expo is a paradise for synthesizers, modular setups, digital audio workstations, and more. Be sure to mark November 11-12 in your calendar, as Turin is the place to be for anyone passionate about the craft and technology of sound.

Soundmit has established itself as an essential hub for innovation in the world of electronic musical instruments. The 13th edition promises to be exceptional, with exhibitors from over 15 countries showcasing the latest trends. Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or a seasoned music producer, you’ll find fresh modular synth modules and the newest digital audio plugins on the show floor.

Soundmit 2023

The event will be hosted at Toolbox Co-working, a venue that received rave reviews during its previous run as the Soundmit venue. Live performances, specialized workshops, and masterclasses from international guests will treat your auditory senses within these spaces. But that’s not all:

Learning Opportunities: The Audio Engineering Society’s Italian section will organize specialized seminars, adding to your wealth of knowledge, regardless of whether you’re a fledgling audiophile or an industry veteran.
Networking: Soundmit offers limitless industry networking opportunities through its broad network, which includes the Italian Trade Agency, Arduino, and SynthFest France, among others.
Inclusion and Diversity: Soundmit actively promotes gender balance within the music industry and participates in the commitment to empowering underrepresented talents.

Electronic music technology show

If you want to stay updated on this fascinating blend of sound and technology, subscribing to Soundmit’s newsletter is essential. By subscribing, you’ll receive event updates, exclusive program insights, and early-bird access to ticket sales. The expo also focuses on social issues and proudly supports the pledge, aiming to foster a more inclusive music industry.

Soundmit holds a unique position in the grand tapestry of events that cater to music technology. It serves not only as a global crossroads for the latest in sound tech but is also a crucial component of Italy’s claim to fame in the sector. If you are enthusiastic about innovative music technology, attending the 13th edition of Soundmit is more than just an event; it’s an experience.

Prepare for two thrilling days of innovation, inspiration, and entertainment this November in Turin. Missing out on Soundmit 2023 would be like skipping a major chord in a harmonic progression—a glaring omission in your tech-savvy calendar.