Beware of Counterfeits!

Beware of Counterfeits!

RobotDyn is committed to selling high-quality products to help assure long enjoyment by our many loyal customers.

In case you are hesitating and not sure if the item is genuine or not, before purchasing you can always contact us through our website chat service, we are glad to answer all your questions.

We issue this warning to all our customers and consumers to avoid confusion and false purchases. Be careful, and only buy with RobotDyn trademark logo as per the images below.

Please be warned also that selling counterfeit products is illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to the trademark, copyright, and intellectual properties laws and regulations. RobotDyn will take proper and severe actions to cease and confiscate these counterfeit products.

If you have purchased what you believe to be one of our products, and have questions as to authenticity, please contact us as soon as possible. We value your assistance in our campaign to protect present and future customers from confusion and dissatisfaction.

To what should you pay attention upon buying RobotDyn products:

We reserve the right to take any and all legal action necessary in order to protect our product designs, trademarks and images.

We give support only to products that bear our legal Logo.

Thank you for reading this. We hope to keep on manufacturing and serving you for many years to come!