“Hacks and shortcuts for your iPhone: 15 essential tips and tricks”

If you want to maximize the potential of your iPhone, the video below presents 15 useful tips and tricks that you can utilize with your iPhone. In today’s fast-paced digital era, smartphones are not only communication tools but also personal assistants, entertainment hubs, and productivity aids. The iPhone, renowned for its intuitive design and advanced features, offers numerous hidden functionalities that can greatly enhance your user experience. From time-saving shortcuts to innovative features, the following video by Just Perfect compiles a list of 15 convenient iPhone tips that every user should be aware of.

Sleep Timer Magic: Did you know that your iPhone can help you fall asleep by automatically stopping videos or music? Simply set a sleep timer in the Clock app.

Swift App Switching: Say goodbye to the traditional app switcher! Swipe horizontally at the bottom of your screen to quickly navigate between apps.

Easy Caps Lock: To type in all capital letters, double-tap the shift key. It’s a simple yet effective shortcut for emphasizing your messages.

Keyboard as a Trackpad: Editing text becomes effortless when you transform your keyboard into a trackpad. Simply press and hold the space bar for precise cursor control.

3D City Tours with Apple Maps: Explore virtual tours and get a bird’s-eye view of major cities using the Apple Maps Flyover feature.

Map Your Memories: For travel enthusiasts, the ‘Places’ album in the Photos app displays the location where each of your photos was taken, creating a visual travel diary.

Personalized Voice Cloning: Customize your iPhone experience by cloning your voice in the Accessibility settings. All you have to do is read aloud 50 sentences.

Calculator Quick Fix: If you make a mistake while calculating, simply swipe left or right on the calculator display to delete the last digit without starting over.

Adjustable Flashlight: Tailor the brightness of your iPhone’s flashlight to suit different situations directly from the Control Center.

Screen Recording with Sound: Capture your screen with or without audio using the handy screen recording tool accessible through the Control Center for various purposes.

Measure and Level: Utilize your iPhone for approximate measurements and aligning objects with the built-in level tool in the Measure app.

Picture-Perfect Photography: Enable the leveling feature in Camera settings to ensure that your photos are always straight, aided by the helpful grid feature.

No More Annoying Ratings: Disable in-app ratings and review prompts in the App Store settings for an uninterrupted experience.

Smart Picture-in-Picture Management: Multitask efficiently by hiding the Picture-in-Picture window to the side of your screen while continuing to listen to the audio.

Emoji at Your Fingertips: Find the perfect emoji quickly by typing in the search bar or swiping through the emoji menu.


These 15 iPhone tips and tricks are just the beginning of what you can do to fully utilize your device. Whether you are a new user or an experienced user, there are always new discoveries to be made that can enhance your daily iPhone experience. Remember to share your favorite tips with others and subscribe for more insightful content!

Source & Image Credit: Just Prefect