Distributors Privileges

Distributors Privileges

Distributors Privileges

  • A dedicated manager for both commercial and technical questions.
  • Access to technical and informational pages (product catalogue, specifications, professional photos, etc.)
  • Prioritization and joint planning of marketing campaigns, special offers. Supply with promotional materials, mentioning the physical and web addresses (in addition to designs and prints for use in marketing campaigns, exhibitions, shows, etc.)
  • Opportunity to get the early samples of RobotDyn new products.
  • Special rewards system (Bonus) based on the actual business volume (see below).

The Rewards System

The Distributor will earn bonus points (stepped rebate) for each and every USD spent above their minimal quarterly threshold (aforementioned). The rewards scale is gradual, the more you buy — the more points you will earn:

Total orders/Quarter
(T = Threshold)
Bonus amount
(Q = Quarter, 3 months)
Less or equal than (1 x T) Zero %
Greater than (1 x T) 1 % of the difference
Greater than (2 x T) 2 % of the difference
Greater than (3 x T) 3 % of the difference
Greater than (6 x T) 5 % of the difference
The period of Bonus Calculations
Quarter To be calculated on
Q1 — (Jan., Feb., Mar.) 15th of April
Q2 — (Apr., May, Jun.) 15th of July
Q3 — (Jul., Aug., Sep.) 15th of October
Q4 — (Oct., Nov., Dec.) 15th of January

For example:

Your Quarter threshold «T» is 1000 USD, and your total orders for the Q1 is 2750 USD. On the 15th of April you will receive: (2750 (Q1) — 1000 (T)) x 1% = 17.50 Bonuses. And You can purchase any item from RobotDyn store.

Note: the bonus units can be used to order goods or services provided by RobotDyn directly. 1 bonus unit equals 1 USD. Bonus units cannot be used for any 3rd party products or services (such as shipping). Bonus units cannot be refunded or exchanged to any other currency.

In case if the distributor doesn’t meet his official quarterly threshold for two consecutive quarters, then all bonus units that were earned will be automatically deducted.