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  1. Smart Wi-Fi switch HIGH Power 40A 9.6kWt, 240VAC/30VDC. with firmware web Interface, mobile app, MQTT, HTTP.

    WiFi smart relay controller for control of HIGH power load up to 40A 9.6kWt 240VAC or 30VDC:

    • Industrial equipment;
    • Warehouse electricity;
    • Office equipment;
    • Home HIGH power equipment: water heater, phase switch;
    • Garage and workshop equipment.
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    As low as $4.24
  2. AC-DC Power Supply Module, AC 90~240V to DC 3V~12V for DIY projects
    The DIY series from RobotDyn Power excellent range of DC 3.0V~12V high isolation impulse power supply. Learn More
    As low as $0.99
  3. DIY IoT AC-Dimmer KIT, ESP8266 Wi-Fi D1 Mini for AC 110~240V dimming control.
    This KIT for the development an IoT projects for smart control of AC power load. Learn More
    As low as $7.90
  4. AC Dimmer Module 8A with AC-DC power supply, 1 channel, 3.3V/5V logic, AC 110~240V 8A
    Dimmer module with AC-DC power supply. ​With this dimmer module don't need an external power supply for your project. Do power your microcontroller and circuit from this dimmer module. Learn More
    As low as $4.07
  5. DIN rail Dimmer Module, 2 Channels, AC 8A/300V per channel, 3.3V/5V logic
    DIN rail Dimmer Module for control of lamps, motors, heaters, 2 Channels, 3.3V/5V logic, AC 300V/8A load Learn More
    As low as $7.78
  6. MEGA 2560 ETH, R3, with PoE, ATmega2560+W5500, Micro-SD card reader, USB-UART CP2104

    RobotDyn MEGA 2560 ETH R3 is an excellent choice for a controlled-over-the-Net device or a multi-functional data collector.


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    As low as $45.05
  7. Leonardo ETH, ATmega32U4 Ethernet W5500 (V2)

    The Leonardo ETH is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32U4 and the W5500 TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller.

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    As low as $28.05
  8. MCU-PRO Mega 2560 ATmega2560-16AU, USB CH340C - Castellated pitch 0.05"

    Embedded castellated board base on Atmega2560 with Arduino bootloader, extra 86 I/O, logic level 3.3V or 5V, USB-UART converter CH340C

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    As low as $17.29
  9. Opto Coupler Optical End-stop for 3D and CNC machine

    The optical endstop is the best solution for any type of 3D printers and other CNC or 3D tools.

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    As low as $1.29
  10. WIFI module ESP-01, ESP8266, 8Mb
    100% of 100
    was $2.79 Special Price $2.37
  11. Current Sensor ACS712

    This simple set for 3D printer base on microcontroller Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + motor drivers, it is a solution for RepRap projects.

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    As low as $2.99
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