About RobotDyn

About RobotDyn

RobotDyn is an international company with offices and representatives located in US, EU, Russia and China. Our company was founded in 2014 by an international team of electronics engineers and production experts. Our main goal is to develop smart and efficient modules and controllers for use in Automation, Security, IoT, Education and many other areas. Our products are based on and designed to work with ARM and AVR MCUs, including the popular platforms like Arduino, Raspberry, etc. We take quality very seriously. Our products are proven to bring a remarkable quality at an affordable price.


Our R&D department started as a part of our production facility located in Zhuhai, the Province of Guangdong (south of China). Our team consists of experts with a vast experience in design of digital devices, modules and sensors, as well as young engineers with a lot of new ideas to be implemented in our products. Nowadays, we are expanding our team and are establishing an R&D facility in Russia.

Thanks to direct communication between the R&D and production, we are able to minimize the time to market for our products. An average time from an idea to a commercially available product is only a few weeks!


Our production facility is equipped with modern machines capable of making virtually any electronic device with the highest possible quality. It consists of several lines:

  • SMT line (Yamaha, Japan) for automated assembly of SMD components
  • DIP line for automated assembly of DIP components and for manual assembly of smaller batches
  • Cleaning line for PCB cleaning from gumboil, the remains of solder, etc.
  • Testing line where all of our products undergo an obligatory quality control

Supported by a strong team of methodologists and the R&D, our production specialists are also directly involved in prototyping of new products.


We are passionate about the quality and user experience! We develop and manufacture all of our products by ourselves. Therefore, we provide both the products availability and full technical and informational support. Our technical support team together with the R&D is working hard to develop manuals, instructions and diagrams. Moreover, we also provide support to the end users. We do our best to provide a thorough answer to each and every request we receive!


RobotDyn collaborates with vendors and system integration companies across the Globe. Our products can be found in many Industrial and Home Automation solutions worldwide. We are constantly expanding our partners network and are looking for new areas of cooperation.

We actively support the Arduino community and constantly expand our products portfolio. Therefore, we focus our efforts not only on production, but also on training and teaching others, helping to promote the technology and equipment to masses. If you have new ideas on platforms, modules, possible usage scenarios and alike — feel free to e-mail us right now!