About RobotDyn

The RobotDyn is a company that was founded in 2014, in the south of China, in Zhuhai by the International group of electronics developers and experts of production. The main activity or what we do — we develop and produce controllers and devices for various platforms including the popular Arduino platform.


This company has a department of developments of hardware, which is directly focused on the production site in China, Zhuhai (the Province of Guangdong). It gives more opportunities for optimizing and producing the development stages even faster.

In this department work engineers with wide experience of design of digital devices, modules and sensors, as well as young engineers who have a lot of the good ideas for development and improvement of production.


The production site of the company is in China, Zhuhai.

Production includes assembly lines and testing lines:

  • SMT line: Yamaha completed with the equipment.
  • DIP line: It is completed with the equipment for the automated assembly of DIP components. As well as for manual assembly of small batches of devices.
  • Line cleaning: the equipment for a sink and cleaning of payments from gumboil, the remains of solder and waste of installation.
  • Line of testing: for testing finished products (all production of the company undergoes obligatory quality check and afterward is marked)

The methodical department develops documentation and instructions for use of our production. In the department of design and prototyping, we develop new devices, controllers and modules. We check production together with different devices.

Our company constantly works on improvement of our products and selection of the best accessories for our payments. We are interested in development of the community of Arduino developers and directs the efforts not only to production, but also to training in work with production and promoting of the microcontroller equipment among the users. If you have ideas on new modules and payments, you can email us at any time.